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Short term emergency business loans up to £250,000 can help you through a critical time

If you need cash fast for your business we offer short-term finance

Do you need cash fast for your business? Do you need to cover the cost of employee salaries whilst waiting for payment to come in from a significant client?

Do you need a quick cashflow injection to purchase necessary new equipment for expansion of the business?

Do you need to purchase more stock to cover fulfilment of your orders in the short-term? Perhaps a deal is taking longer than expected to complete and you were relying on the payment to fund other areas?

Any one of these scenarios can mean your business may be suffering short-term cash flow problems where you need cash fast in order to avoid problems escalating and future business failure.

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24hr Emergency business loans could be the answer!

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and fast,emergency business loans could be the answer. We can provide quick business loans from between £20,000 to £250,000 in within 24 hours giving you the short-term finance that you need in the interim.

Are emergency business loans right for my business?

We are not pawnbrokers or loan sharks. We provide fast business loans to help deal with immediate cash flow problems, where short-term credit is required and we can see that the underlying business is stable.

We typically require repayment within one month, although longer-term finance is also available.

Available to businesses where…


  • Limited company (not sole trader/partnership)

  • Personal Guarantee is required

  • Fundamentally viable

  • No history of continued losses

  • Possibly part of a wider package of measures

  • Clear ability to repay

  • Not ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’


Could emergency business loans help your immediate cash flow problems?

When cash flow problems are immediate, there is no ignoring it. Contact us now to find a quick solution and relieve the immediate financial pressure so you can get back to making your business work - the way forward, made brighter.

How emergency business loans can help your business finance


See how Cashsolv™ can help your business.

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For further information on emergency business loans, download our Guidance Paper on 'How emergency loans can help your business finance problems'.

Perhaps an emergency loan isn't for you right now. Take a look at our full range of unique products for solving cashflow problems.